‘Cher: The Musical’ Is Coming To Broadway

If you’ve had Cher on repeat since her Billboard Music Awards performance, you’re certainly not alone. And if you can’t get enough of this one-of-a-kind singer, you’re going to love this news: Cher has officially confirmed that a musical about her life will be coming to Broadway in 2018.

The production will be simply titled, “Cher: The Musical.” Because a name as iconic as “Cher” pretty much says it all.

The singer, known for hits such as “If I Could Turn Back Time” and “I Got You Babe,”  tweeted about the news on her personal Twitter account, confirming suspicions that a musical number about her life was in the works.

There have been rumors going around since November when a casting notice was posted.

Then, in January, the singer also tweeted about a preview theatre performance, but nothing was known for sure. Now—finally!—the news is official.

“Cher: The Musical” will be directed by Jason Moore, who directed Broadway’s “Avenue Q” as well as movies such as “Pitch Perfect.” So, this theatric production is definitely in good hands.

cher photo
Getty Images | Dimitrios Kambouris

The original casting notice gave some insight into how the story of Cher’s life will be played out on stage:

In this production, the characters of Babe, Lady, and Star represent Cher at different moments of her life—starting as a teenager who falls for Sonny Bono (Babe), a successful music star navigating the challenges of the entertainment industry (Lady) and the lady we know today with a fascinating wealth of life experience, successes, and failures (Star). Aside from Babe, Lady, Star, Sonny Bono, and Georgia, other roles may be paired together to have the actors double or triple up on the roles.

cher photo
Getty Images | Ethan Miller

So, it seems like you’ll get to watch three different stages of “the road to becoming Cher” brought to life in front of your very eyes. If this theatre performance is anywhere near as epic as we imagine, you’re going to want to secure a front-row seat. This is bound to be must-see entertainment!