Cherry Pie Cookie Cups Are The Bite-Sized Answer To Your Cravings

Lemon Tree Dwelling

If craving just a tiny sliver of cherry pie isn’t quite enough to tempt you into making an entire pie, these cherry pie-inspired cookies will be the answer to all of your problems.

Not only are these perfect for providing a single serving, they’re also great for sharing. So, if you were planning on passing out sweets to the special people in your life this Valentine’s Day, well, you just found the perfect way to show you care.

The recipe from Lemon Tree Dwelling shows how you can recreate everything you love about cherry pie in the form of a cookie. You’ll need sugar-cookie dough, cherry pie filling, sugar, powdered sugar, butter, milk and a muffin tin to create the most adorable little cookie cups ever.

You’ll start by placing balls of cookie dough into a muffin tin and baking them for about 15 minutes. When they’re fresh out of the oven, you’ll press an indentation into each of the cookies and place a heaping spoonful of cherry pie filling in each cookie before baking it for an additional three to five minutes.

Once cooled slightly, you’ll use the milk, butter and powdered sugar to create a glaze to drizzle on top. Then, your individual servings of cherry pie cookies will be ready to be enjoyed!

Lemon Tree Dwelling

If you don’t happen to have a muffin tin readily available, you can still satisfy that pie craving by making cherry pie thumbprint cookies instead.

This recipe from Who Needs A Cape walks you through the steps of making sugar-cookie dough from scratch and using your thumb to create a well deep enough to bake some cherry pie filling into to create a delicious, pie-like cookie. Instead of topping it with a glaze, this version uses melted white chocolate as a drizzle once the baking’s complete:

Who Needs A Cape

And to make this dessert even more of a mash-up, you can add a dollop of chocolate to the top and have a dessert that’s part cookie, part cherry pie and part chocolate-covered cherry. Y-U-M.

This recipe from Eazy Peazy Mealz shows how you can use Betty Crocker Sugar Cookie Mix, cherry pie filling, a little whipping cream and some chocolate chips to create the ultimate chocolate-and-cherry dessert:

Eazy Peazy Mealz

Any of these cherry cookie recipes will fulfill your cherry pie craving and keep you from having to bake an entire cherry pie. So, the next time you’re wanting to skip out on the pie-making, you’ll know exactly what to bake up instead.


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