These cherry pie ‘Envelopes’ are like edible love letters for Valentine’s Day

Ahh, Valentine’s Day! It’s a time for celebrating the ones you love and, perhaps more importantly — indulging in delicious candy and desserts. Maybe you don’t want to go the traditional heart-shaped-box-of-chocolates route, or perhaps you’re preparing treats for a crowd — whatever the case, these adorable little cherry pie envelopes will save the day!

You have Liz Bushong and her website to thank for bringing these mini-pies into your life. The website details everything you’ll need to bake these sweet treats, along with an explanation of exactly how to fold these cute cherry pies.

The good news is that they’re extremely easy to make. Once you’ve got cherry pie filling, pie crust and sparkling sugar in your kitchen, these ooey-gooey cherry-filled “envelopes” will come together in no time.

Liz Bushong

Bushong recommends having an actual envelope ready to use as a template for creating your own, and this really is a genius tip! You can see the full instructions and ingredient list over on her website. Not a fan of cherry? You can also whip up an apple pie version. My Sweet Savings even offers a strawberry spin on the treat!

Perhaps the greatest part of these pie-inspired sweets is that they have a double function — they’re both Valentine’s Day card and dessert in one. So, this one item will really say it all for you on Feb. 14. And if you’re looking for more edible cards, there’s plenty of inspiration and recipes available to you online.

For instance, along with baking up some cherry pie envelopes, you could also give these conversation heart chocolate pretzels a try! The recipe comes from Amy Locurto’s website, Living Locurto. Taking the time to go beyond just giving someone a box of conversation hearts and creating an entirely new (and yummy) treat will really show how much you care.

You could also make some delicious, bourbon-soaked, chocolate-covered cherries and wash it down with a bubbling Love Potion cocktail:

These adorable heart-inspired brownies are another delicious treat for your sweetie:

Now that you’ve got some ideas for how to have your Valentine’s Day cards and eat them, too — well, you know what to do: Get in the kitchen and start prepping for one delicious Feb. 14!