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Chewable Coffee Could Be The Next Big Caffeine Trend

Have your coffee, and eat it, too!

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What if we told you that instead of drinking your daily dose of caffeine you could have chewable coffee instead? Would you trade your morning cup of joe for good?

OK, maybe not for good. But you’d probably be willing to give them a try, right? Yeah, that’s what we thought!

Coffee in chewable form is totally a thing that exists, and if you haven’t tried it out just yet, you better change that!

It’ll come in handy when you’re running late in the morning (at the very least), so say goodbye to coffee stains you got in the car as you were drinking out of the thermos with the lid you didn’t screw on tight enough.

You can find coffee chews online and get them shipped right to your door. A quick Amazon search will reveal several different kinds of coffee chews available for purchase.

This includes, Go Cubes, which has gotten pretty rave reviews as an energy booster, but they’re not necessarily right for a coffee connoisseur.

In this video, you can see people who love drinking coffee switch out for cubes for an entire week.

Chewable coffee in cooking

The verdict: it’s not better than an actual cup of coffee. But, that doesn’t mean they’re without benefits.

At $15 for six Go Cubes four-packs, it may be more cost efficient to buy your coffee in chewable form.

Edible coffee isn’t a new idea. Japanese cooking uses chewable coffee, usually in various kinds of desserts. You can even create a super cool coffee beverage out of the stuff—something Starbucks has already capitalized on—and videos online show you how it’s done.

Take a look at this one for example.

But, you know, maybe instead of going to the trouble of making this entire drink, you could just munch on the coffee jelly on it’s own instead.

Hey—if you’re up for testing out the chewable coffee trend, it’s certainly worth a try.