Chick-Fil-A Has Cheese Sauce And People Apparently Love It

The delicious sauces at Chick-fil-A have always been a happy bonus of dining at the chicken-sandwich giant. Do you pour the garden herb ranch on your spicy chicken? Dip your fries in the tiny tub of sweet & spicy sriracha? There’s the classic Chick-fil-A Sauce, too — a little sweet, a bit tangy.

Now there’s important Chick-fil-A sauce news going viral and the CFA lovers of Twitter are way excited: Apparently there’s a cheese sauce, and word is getting out.

Here’s the thing — the Chick-fil-A cheese sauce actually isn’t new. As a few Twitter users point out, it’s been available at some locations for a while now. The restaurant chain told Delish that it first offered the dip in 2012.

In answer to one user’s question, the official Chick-fil-A Twitter account noted that the Swiss-and-Parmesan sauce is an optional menu item that individual franchise owners can select. So if it’s not available at your local spot, that may be the issue.

One more caveat: Unlike the sauces offered when you order your meal, the cheese sauce comes with an upcharge. It’s only about a buck, though, and comes in a 3-ounce dish for all your dipping needs.

Unless you’re this unhappy customer:

I’d be peeved, too, if that sauce is as good as people are saying. We need more cheese!

Does your local Chick-fil-A offer cheese sauce?