Chicken Bacon Ranch Casserole will become your new favorite make-ahead dinner

My Incredible Recipes

Dinner time game changer alert! Do you and your family love carbs? Bacon? Cheese? Pasta? If the answer to all these questions is yes, then get ready for this chicken bacon ranch casserole from blogger My Incredible Recipes.

This dish is super easy to make, quick to bake and requires minimal cooking skills. With smoky bacon, gooey cheese, rich alfredo sauce and zesty ranch flavors, this casserole is an instant crowd pleaser.

To add to the flavor, this blogger marinates chicken in spices that include adobo, which offers a complex flavor, similar to what is found in Spanish or Filipino food. Then you simply mix the main ingredients of chicken, pasta shells and sauce together and top it all with cheeses and crispy bacon. Another bonus? This casserole dish can be made in advance. Meal prep for the win!

My Incredible Recipes

If you’re looking for something slightly different, but equally easy to make, blogger Oh Sweet Basil has a cheesy ground beef and rice casserole she says is great for picky eaters. This recipe brings together the savory flavors of seasoned beef with a rich mushroom gravy, which is topped with a coating of indulgent shredded cheeses and bacon. You can also choose to add more veggies, such as peppers, to the dish for some added health benefits.

This blogger conveniently offers three versions of the recipe on the post, each one catering to your particular time constraints and cooking abilities. There’s a quick version, a semi-homemade version and one you make from scratch.

Oh Sweet Basil

For one more dinner idea, blogger Dinner At The Zoo makes a beef noodle casserole that combines ground beef with a rich tomato sauce that’s topped with cheese before being baked to perfection. This comfort food can also be made in advance and is easily customizable.

She suggests adding more veggies, like green beans or peas, or using macaroni instead of egg noodles.

This savory dish is ideal for a cold night in when you’re in need of something quick and hearty.

Dinner At The Zoo

Which one will you try first?

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