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There Is A Chicken Nugget Festival Happening In This Summer

Pack your bags, this is a dream come true!

Chicken nuggets are one of those foods that everybody seems to love, no matter what their age. Well, chicken nugget fans might want to make a trip to the U.K. this summer, because the country is holding its first-ever festival dedicated to the food. Hosted by We Love Food, an online community of food lovers, The Fried Chicken Festival will take place on Aug. 11 in London and on Sept. 22 in Manchester.

Considering you have not one, but two, chances to attend this magical event, you really have no excuse not to, right?

chicken nuggets photo
Getty Images | Dan Kitwood

As the UK’s Metro reports, the festival will showcase a variety of chicken nuggets, including ones which are baked, breaded or battered. There will also be a chicken nugget-eating contest and the winners will be crowned “Nugget King” and “Nugget Queen” for the day.

The Facebook event promises “the best chicken nuggets in London” as well as “the biggest variety of nuggets in London.” I’m sold! There will also be live DJs and bands to entertain as you chow down on nuggets. Already, more than 1,000 people have said they are going to the event, and 8,000 have indicated interest. Tickets are not yet on sale, but you can pre-register here.

Homemade Chicken Nuggets
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If nuggets aren’t you thing, We Love Food also plans to hold a number of other food-specific festival this summer, such as a burger festival, a pizza festival, a sausage festival, and even a vegan food festival. The group explained on its website that it is committed to showcasing foods from around the world all around the U.K. (hence the festivals dedicated to sushi, jollof rice, curry and ramen!).

What do you think? Whether it’s nuggets or something else, is there a food you’re passionate enough about to attend an entire festival dedicated to it? I didn’t see it on their list, but I think an ice cream festival sounds like the perfect summer activity!