This Chicken Pot Pie Baked Potato Is The Perfect Dinner For A Winter Night

Life in the Lofthouse

This recipe puts a twist on two classic dinners to create the ultimate dinner combination. So, put those potatoes you’ve got stored in the pantry to good use tonight and combine the concept of a loaded baked potato with chicken pot pie for one incredible mash-up your family is sure to love.

You’ll take the idea of comfort food to a whole new level when you use this recipe for chicken pot pie baked potatoes from Life in the Lofthouse. Because it just doesn’t get more soothing than smothering a warm, soft potato in a chicken pot pie filling.

To make this dream dinner a reality, you’ll pair russet potatoes with a thick chicken pot pie gravy made using vegetables such as carrots, celery and onion, along with all-purpose flour, chicken broth, milk and diced chicken.

Once the veggies are tender and the chicken’s cooked, you’ll use a flour, broth and milk mixture to create a thick gravy. You’re creating a chicken pot pie without the bready crust, but that’s because you’ve got something better in store.

After the gravy’s prepared, you’ll pour it on top of a warm, cooked-through potato and serve it up like this:

Life in the Lofthouse

Feel free to top with sour cream, cheese, red pepper flakes or whatever you see fit to really give it that loaded baked potato feel.

This hearty dinner will certainly have you wondering why you didn’t combine baked potatoes and chicken pot pie sooner. But now that you know the two belong together, you’ve got some catching up to do as far as this combo is concerned.

Yet another way to combine potatoes and pot pie is by using tater tots in lieu of pie crust. This recipe from The Gunny Sack proves that there may not be a need for flaky pie crust when pot pies are concerned — not when you could line a skillet with crispy tater tots to do the same job:

The Gunny Sack

Last, but certainly not least, you can also combine pot pie and mashed potatoes by using thick and creamy mashed potatoes in the place of a traditional crust. This recipe from Thyme & Joy shows how you can layer pot pie and potatoes together and then broil the dish until the top is nice and browned. This crust-like effect will give way to creamy potatoes and hearty chicken pot pie mixture with every forkful:

Thyme & Joy

So, who’s craving potatoes and chicken pot pie tonight?

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