Chicken-Stuffed Baked Avocados Are Sure To Be Family Favorites

The only thing better than an avocado? A stuffed avocado. This recipe gives you the perfect excuse to eat an avocado at every meal, because it’s perfectly suited for dinner … and you know you already squeeze some avocado in at breakfast and lunch. Guilty as charged!

This recipe for chicken stuffed baked avocados from Allrecipes will change the way you prepare avocados for the better. Sure, smearing it across some toast is great and all, but loading it full of cheesy chicken is obviously the way to go.

You’ll need cooked chicken breasts, cream cheese, tomato, parmesan cheese and, of course, avocados to bring this dish to life. Once the avocados are halved and pitted, you’ll load each one up with the mixture of chicken, cream cheese and other ingredients. Top with parmesan cheese and throw these in the oven as a final step.

Yummy Addiction’s recipe for chicken-stuffed avocado has a different take on the dish. Paprika, corn, blue cheese and chives make this a flavor-packed recipe if we ever saw one, and it looks completely delicious.

Yummy Addiction

Salu Salo’s chicken-stuffed avocado recipe calls for scooping out some avocado and mixing it with chicken, cream cheese and tomatoes. The creamy, decadent mix then gets topped with parmesan and baked until the cheese melts — so it’s a quick recipe that’s perfect for a weeknight.

Salu Salo

If this has opened your eyes to an entirely new way to enjoy avocados as an entree, you’re in luck. Because it turns out you can stuff avocados with pretty much anything and they’ll turn out amazing.

And for an Italian take on the stuffed avocado, a recipe from Closet Cooking suggests filling your avocado half with salad greens, fresh mozzarella, tomatoes and topping it with a balsamic drizzle for a delicious lunch or dinner option.

Closet Cooking

Just when you thought you couldn’t love avocados more than you already do, these recipes had to come along! Better late than never, right?


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