Hospital turns its lawn into a pumpkin patch so sick kids can celebrate Halloween

Going to the pumpkin patch  is one of the most beloved Halloween traditions. But sick children who are in the hospital might not get the opportunity to participate in this fun holiday activity.

That’s why one children’s hospital decided to bring the Halloween fun to the kids—by turning their front lawn into a pumpkin patch. May Farms donated about 200 pumpkins to Children’s Hospital Colorado in Aurora, Colorado. Local police and firefighters volunteered to help patients choose their pumpkins on Oct. 25.

The hospital has been hosting this special event for 11 years. Parents of children who are being treated at the hospital are grateful that their kids get a chance to let loose and have fun, just like any other kid.

Amber Page’s 2-year-old-daughter, Ivy, is currently being treated for cancer at the hospital. But for a little while last week, Ivy got to just be a kid celebrating Halloween.

“She had a blast,” Page told ABC News. “She was able to get out of the hospital for 30 minutes and hung out by some pumpkins. We took some home for her sister to decorate.”

The private pumpkin patch truly is a community effort, with the hospital, May Farms and first responders all joining forces to make sure these young patients experience a fun fall tradition.

“They come out and they see these monster pumpkins and there’s these little tiny kids trying to pick up those big ole pumpkins. Just that joy that we can bring during a small minute of the day,” Hollee Swain, the event manager at May Farms, told 9News.

The patients were also able to pick out Halloween costumes donated by Spirit Halloween.

“It brings such joy to the kids,” Kathleen McBride, director of the association of volunteers at the hospital, told ABC News. “They get to be outside, meet their heroes, which are the police and firefighters, and select their very own pumpkins. It’s a tradition at the hospital and I hope it continues for decades.”

We’re so glad that these kids got the chance to experience the magic of Halloween, and we’re wishing them all a speedy recovery.