This Chinese Skyscraper Has A 350-Foot Waterfall Gushing Down Its Side

At first, locals thought the building had sprung a leak!

Normally you’d have to take a pretty intense hike to view something as epic as a 350-foot tall waterfall. But what if instead of chasing waterfalls, you could simply take a stroll downtown to enjoy a view of it? Well, that’s the reality for those in Guiyang, a city in Southwest China, where a cascading waterfall now rushes down the side of the 400-foot-tall Liebian Building and onto a public plaza that’s located in the city’s central business district.

That’s right. China is now home to the biggest manmade waterfall, a feat that actually had residents very concerned initially. According to The Times U.K., people in Guiyang alerted journalists to what they thought was an enormous water leak, prompting reporters to go to the Leibian Building to see if this was true. “When reporters arrived at the building they realized that the owner of Liebian Mansion had created a waterfall that gushes down the side,” the story reads.

The YouTube video below shows how cool the waterfall looks. It’s certainly going to be drawing visitors to the area who want to not only see the waterfall firsthand but also cool down amidst the spraying water.

While it’s very impressive and quite a unique idea, it begs the question: How sustainable is it? And moreover, is it bad for the environment? To keep the waterfall’s four pumps gushing costs around $118 per hour, according to the Kan Kan News. However, the managers of the building claim that it’s only going to be in use during special occasions, for short periods of time, and that it uses water recycled from either the tap or rainfall.

China has other impressive structures as well. The world’s second-highest structure, and the country’s tallest, is the 2,087 foot-high Shanghai Tower. The 128-story tower not only features the world’s highest observation deck but also holds the title of the world’s fastest elevator, which travels at up to 46 miles per hour.

[H/t: Fortune]