This woman has the longest eyelashes in the world—and she claims they are natural

In the quest for longer and longer eyelashes, some people will do almost anything.

Of course, there’s good ol’ mascara, which can instantly lengthen, darken and thicken your lashes with a few swipes of a wand. Other people take a more proactive approach, and eyelash extensions are becoming an increasingly popular choice.

But only one woman can claim the tile of “world’s longest eyelashes.” You Jainxia of Shanghai, China, has a lash on her upper left eyelid that clocks in at an impressive 12.4 centimeters. That’s nearly 5 inches! As Buzzfeed points out, that’s longer than a Snickers bar. Whoa.

Guinness World Records

Jainxia’s super-sized lash has landed her in the Guinness World Records. And before you assume that her extraordinary lash is the result of Latisse treatments or extensions, Jainxia claims it’s au naturel.

According to a press release from Guinness World Records, Jainxia first noticed the lash growing during an 18-month nature retreat she took in 2013, and she credits the continued growth with the “life she leads at one with nature.” Hmm.

Reactions from people on social media ranged from awe to disgust to just plain disbelief over the super-long lash.

“They don’t grow to that length naturally. Otherwise how come nobody gets their eyelashes trimmed? Never heard of eyelashes like her,” one commenter on Facebook pointed out.

“Forget eyelash curlers. You’d need the big hair curlers for those bad boys,” remarked another.

“That actually made me feel nauseous,” admitted someone else.

The 2018 Guinness World Records were revealed last week, and Jainxia is joined by some other winners with extra-long body parts. Ayanna Williams, a nail artist from Houston, has fingernails that are nearly 19 feet long collectively.

Guiness World Records

She says it’s taken 18 long years to grow them to that length. And yes, they make daily tasks like putting on pants or doing the dishes more than challenging. Still, Williams is proud of what some might call her freakishly long nails.

“It takes courage, discipline, and patience but it can be accomplished,” she told the Daily Mail. Hey, whatever floats your boat!

Now, there are some records that have been held for several years in a row. Take Jeison Orlando Rodriguez Hernandez. He holds the Guinness World Record for the world’s “largest feet on a living person” (yes, they specify living). The length? Just about 15.8 inches, which is nearly the height of a bowling pin.

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Hernandez received the honor in 2014 and has yet to be outsized by a bigger foot. The Venezuelan, who is 7 feet 3 inches tall, has shoes custom-made for him in Germany. As a young teen, he feet grew at such a rapid pace that he often needed new ones every few weeks—and, often, if a new pair wasn’t available, he’d have to go barefoot.