These Super-Cute Toddlers Went As ‘Fixer Upper’ Stars Chip And Joanna Gaines For Halloween

Chip and Joanna Gaines won the hearts of interior design-lovers everywhere with their hit HGTV show “Fixer Upper.” But it’s not just mommies and daddies who can relate to the lovable TV couple. Oh no, kids are very into this show, too, and these Halloween costumes will prove it to you.

Toddlers Sydney Frenkel and Ryan Freedman dressed up as the Gaines couple for Halloween. Their tiny costumes couldn’t have been cuter or more spot-on — toolbelt, Waco, Texas, t-shirt and all.

According to Frenkel’s mom, Eumy Rha Frenkel, the pair are like Chip and Joanna even when it’s not Halloween.

“The kids truly act like an old married couple,” she told Parents magazine. “They light up when they see each other and bicker like husband and wife.”

The parents have had this costume planned for quite some time, which is probably why the outfits came together so perfectly. Nothing like good prep work!

“Almost a year ago, we thought it would be funny if they were still best friends this year, that it would be perfect to dress them up as Chip and Joanna,” Frenkel told POPSUGAR.

While there was obviously some effort involved in making these costumes come to life, they weren’t all the parents’ idea. Frenkel told, “The kids love the show, and when Sydney sees Joanna, she says, ‘She looks like me!'”

Sadly, the Gaines announced in September 2017 that “Fixer Upper” would end after five seasons (the series finale aired Apr. 3, 2018 on HGTV). At the time, the couple said they were looking to slow down and pour their energy into their family and other businesses, which includes Hearth and Hand, a line of home goods sold at Target.


All right, it’s time you get a load of these Halloween looks for yourself:

These two couldn’t be cuter if they tried!

Just for comparison:

Yep, that’s Chip and Jo, all right! Not only do they have the looks down, but they’ve also nailed the personalities, too:

These toddlers aren’t the only people who’ve let the Gaines inspire their Halloween costumes. The reality stars have inspired costumes for adults and even newborns.

Just look at this baby as Joanna! The photo was even reposted on Joanna’s personal Instagram account:

It’s so adorable we almost can’t handle it either, Jo!

The Gaines’ liked their toddler likenesses so much that they re-posted the pics on their Magnolia Instagram account to show them off:

They captioned the photo series:

“We might be biased, but we think costumes like these deserve a little extra candy! How cute are these Chip and Jo lookalikes?”

What could be better than these Chip and Jo minis?