Chipotle is experimenting with drive-thru windows

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Here’s some good news for Chipotle fans: The fast casual dining restaurant is testing out a drive-thru at one of their locations in Ohio.

The drive-thru is being called a “vehicular pickup window,” and if it goes well, other Chipotle locations are expected to follow suit.

Many people believe that this decision is Chipotle’s attempt to gain back customers after their scary cases of food poisoning.

The Mexican food chain has been struggling ever since the high-profile reports of Chipotle diners falling sick after eating the restaurant fare. In 2015, 120 students at Boston College contracted the Norovirus after eating at Chipotle, and dozens of people wound up suffering from E. coli infections after eating at Chipotles in Washington and Oregon.

Chipotle worked hard to restores its image after these health scares, going so far as to close all restaurants for a day in 2016 in order to hold employee workshops focusing on cleanliness and health guidelines.

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Unfortunately, the popular burrito joint continues to face complaints of food-borne illness. In July, numerous people fell ill with Norovirus after eating at a Chipotle in Virginia, and now two of these customers are suing the company. Lax enforcement of sick-leave policy is being blamed for this latest outbreak, and Chipotle has promised to have zero-tolerance for employees who do not follow their food safety protocol.

To top that off, a recently-released video showing mice in a Dallas Chipotle has gone viral, with customers complaining that “rats fell from the ceiling” while they were dining. Uh, what!?

Obviously, Chipotle is going to have to work hard to earn back customers, and this new drive-thru window is expected to help win some fans.

And even though it is currently limited to just one location, people on Twitter are already getting excited:

Although some people are pointing out the obvious:

In addition to their new drive-thru window, Chipotle is also trying to woo customers back with their new queso offering, which could be available at a Chipotle near you very soon.

What do you think? Would you use a Chipotle drive-thru? Are you excited to try the new queso?

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