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Chipotle Offering 4-Hour Happy Hour Deals In Several States, Free Drinks In Colorado

This Chipotle promotion runs through the end of September. Cheers!

Well, if free booze isn’t enough to get you to your local Chipotle, then I don’t know what will be.

If you haven’t ever considered the burrito bar as your happy-hour hangout, this promotion could change all that for you (or so the company hopes).

Through the end of September, “happy hour” is known as “Happy Four Hour” at select Chipotle stores because you can drink at a discount from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. This applies only at participating stores in certain states, however.

According to the company’s website, if you live in the City of Chicago, Colorado, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Missouri, Nebraska, Ohio or Wisconsin, you may be eligible for any of the half=-price or two-for-one deals on beer and margaritas. Some stores offer the happy hour each day while others are hosting the promotion on Thursdays only (it being Thirsty Thursday and all).

The best news may be for drinking-age Coloradans who are eligible for one free beer or margarita each day during the four-hour window. If you live in Colorado, you could literally visit your local Chipotle every day for a free drink between now and the end of September. Check out the company website for more details.

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So what’s behind this promotion?

“Chipotle… has been struggling to entice customers to its restaurant following s series of foodborne illness outbreaks at its chains,” according to CNBC.

If this promotion goes well, sales could get back to normal. And that could mean more booze for everyone. Because CNBC also reports that only 300 of the 1,700 alcohol-serving venues are participating in the promotion. Perhaps more will follow.

So, fingers crossed this goes well. Because washing down a burrito with a two-for-one (or free!) margarita doesn’t sound half bad, does it?

[h/t: Thrillist]