A woman gave birth at Chipotle, so of course they threw her a shower

Cody Sowa/Chipotle

Despite the best laid plans, sometimes moms don’t quite make it to the place where they’ve planned to give birth. On April 10, Adrianna Alvarez was on the way to the hospital to deliver her baby when she realized she wouldn’t make it there in time. The baby’s father, Saul Flores, called 911, and the dispatcher advised them to pull over. They ended up in a Chipotle parking lot in Aurora, Colorado, and with the help of firefighters, that’s where their baby boy, Jaden, was born.

A month later, the happy family was invited back to the scene of the birth, where the restaurant chain treated them to a baby shower. Of course, burritos were the theme of this special shower, including a burrito cake topper and cupcakes with tiny edible burrito decorations!

Check it out:

Cody Sowa/Chipotle

Also present at the shower was Angie Schell, the 911 dispatcher who coached Alvarez and Flores through their unusual delivery. Here she is cradling Jaden in a super-cute on-theme gift from Chipotle — a tortilla swaddling blanket:

Cody Sowa/Chipotle

The 911 dispatcher was delighted to see a happy ending to this story.

“We don’t hardly ever get to meet our patients, ever,” Schell told KDVR. “We don’t even know what happens to them after we’re done sometimes. So to be able to share the good news and this is what dispatchers do out there. We do this every day. You see a lot of bad news out there, but gosh, there are so many good ones out there.”

While it was a coincidence that Chipotle ended up being the birthplace of their son, Flores and Alvarez actually met at a Chipotle. Plus, each worked at the fast food chain at one time as well! So the burrito chain really holds a special place in their hearts.

“We are always looking to make our customers happy by going above and beyond and cultivating a sense of community,” Quinn Kelsey, Chipotle public relations and communications manager, said in a statement to Food & Wine. “When we heard that baby Jaden was born in our parking lot, and the amazing teamwork between the family and the dispatcher, we were excited to do something special to celebrate them all. We loved throwing the Chipotle-themed baby shower and hope they enjoyed it just as much as we did.”

Congratulations to Alvarez and Flores on their adorable “burrito baby”!

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