Chocolate-covered pickles might be the strangest combo we’ve seen

Anna Weaver

We know the weird pickle recipes have been done and done again. (I even made a pickle cheesecake once.) But when recipes for chocolate-dipped pickles made a resurgence lately, I gave in and decided to try the idea out.

The basic directions for chocolate-covered pickles are to soak pickles in sugar, cover them in melted chocolate, top them with whatever you want, and then refrigerate them until the chocolate hardens. Then enjoy (or take one bite and throw the rest away).

But would this combination actually taste good?

Over on the Good Mythical More show back in 2017, the show hosts tried out chocolate-dipped pickles. They were optimistic going in.

As Link, one of the show’s hosts said, “We have discovered that chocolate covers a world of culinary hurt.”

And two out of the three hosts did like the result. But Link wasn’t a fan, saying he didn’t like the way the flavors melded together. You can watch the taste test below, as posted on YouTube.

So now it was my turn to try out the unusual pickle combination. I got my sugar, sprinkles, chocolate sauce and pickles together, put a Silpat down on a baking pan to prevent sticking and got to work.

Anna Weaver

I chose to use dill pickle chips instead of whole pickles because it seemed like it would have a better pickle-to-chocolate ratio than rolling a whole pickle in chocolate. You could use bread and butter pickles, which are sweeter, but I don’t like their taste. Plus the chocolate pickle recipes I saw called for adding sugar to your pickles anyway.

I also used a bottled fudge sauce for my melted chocolate, but some recipes say to melt chocolate chips with coconut oil. Magic Shell topping would probably work well too since it’ll harden more quickly.

Anna Weaver

Pat the pickle slices dry and sprinkle them with white sugar. Let them sit and absorb the sugar for about 15 minutes. I tried one of the sugared pickle slices and it was not good. But I continued on.

Anna Weaver

Next, pat the sugared pickle chips dry and dip them in melted chocolate. I fully coated them and topped them with sprinkles. Some of the recipes I saw online put sea salt on the chocolate instead or only did a half-dip of chocolate.

My fudge sauce on the pickles didn’t solidify quickly in the fridge so I tried a bite with the chocolate still gooey.

Anna Weaver

And … it was not to my taste. The dill flavor didn’t meld well for me with the chocolate even when balanced some by the pickle sugar soaking in. I put the rest of the pickles in the freezer to speed up the chocolate gelling and tried one again after about 10 minutes. It tasted a tiny bit better but still far from good to me.

If you are a diehard pickle lover and have adventurous tastebuds, you might like this combination. But I’ll pass.


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