These Beautiful New Chocolate Bars Are Actually City Maps


You may have heard about people eating their way around the world — pasta in Italy, sushi in Japan, tapas in Spain.

Now you can literally eat your way through the world — at least, certain cities — with maps made out of dark chocolate.

A chocolate-maker called Tamtik partnered with Nisnas Industries, an online retailer, to bring chocolate maps of famous cities to sweet-toothed world travelers. They’ve launched a Kickstarter campaign to help the project get off the ground. As if you needed another reason to eat dark chocolate!

OK, say it with us: YUM!

Tamtik is a premium chocolate retailer based out of Israel. The founders, Liat Zvi and Anat Errell, are lifelong friends who explain on their website that chocolate and urban landscapes are their passions — so it’s easy to understand where the idea of making chocolate maps came from.

The two women say the chocolate maps will bring people together because they’re so large and interestingly shaped that they are perfect for sharing.

Each one is handmade, of course, and created by local chocolatiers. Watch the video below to see how the maps are molded into chocolate perfection:

You can get your hands — errrr, mouth — on a chocolate map through the Kickstarter campaign. They’ll be creating maps of London, New York City and Tel Aviv — and another surprise city that people can vote on.

Although there is still a month left in the Kickstarter campaign, you may want to donate sooner rather than later so you don’t miss out. For a chocolate map of your own, the minimum donation is $45. They come beautifully wrapped in recycled and recyclable paper, so they make a perfect (albeit pricey) gift.

Additionally, it costs $1 to vote on the fourth city Tamtik will create in chocolate. You can also purchase a city mold to make your own chocolate at home from Tamtik for $250.

One important downside to consider regarding these chocolate maps? If you were to actually use the maps to navigate where you’re going, it’s like you’d never arrive—having eaten the map first!


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