Chocolate Mint Brownies Are Irresistibly Good

Betty Crocker

Chocolate and mint is a classic flavor combination that nearly everyone loves. First, you get the sweetness of the chocolate followed by the cool refreshment of mint. A delicious way to indulge in a chocolate and mint pairing is with these chocolate mint brownies from Betty Crocker.

These bars have three different layers that come together in one irresistible dessert. The bottom layer consists of a fudgy brownie, which is topped with a fluffy minty filling and then covered in a smooth chocolate glaze. Not only is the taste divine, but the brownies look pretty as well, making them the perfect dessert to serve at your next party.

Betty Crocker

Thanks to the green color, these bars would also make a great snack for St. Patrick’s Day. Betty Crocker suggests garnishing them with sliced green gumdrops arranged into shamrock shapes to make them even more festive. Decorating them with the marshmallows from Lucky Charms would be cute as well!

In the recipe’s reviews, people who have tried out the brownies offer other ways to customize them. Some suggest throwing in some nuts to add even more flavor to the treats. To put a boozy twist on the dessert, you can also swap out the mint extract and green food coloring for an Irish cream liqueur, such as Bailey’s.

The Girl Scout organization also capitalizes on the scrumptious combo of chocolate and mint with its famous Thin Mint cookies. You can make your own with this recipe for copycat cookies from Bless This Mess Please. The blogger recommends letting them sit for a day before eating them for the best flavor.

Just like the real deal, they’re also great when stored in the refrigerator or freezer — if you can resist finishing them off for that long.

Bless This Mess Please

Of course, no mention of chocolate and mint would be complete without some mint chip ice cream. This easy Oreo mint chip ice cream cake from Bakerella would make the perfect birthday cake for a mint-lover.


Do you have a favorite chocolate and mint dessert?

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