There’s A Chocolate Museum In New York City

Because New York gets everything, it seems fitting that The City That Never Sleeps is also now the location of the greatest museum in the history of the universe: a chocolate museum. Yes, that’s right, a chocolate museum has opened in NYC, and we are already drooling (and looking for flights).

Co-operated by museum curator Eddy van Belle (who has opened Choco-Story chocolate museums in Belgium, France and Mexico) and master chocolatier Jacques Torres, this museum is sure to be the sweetest thing in the Big Apple since the ice cream museum.

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Although the museum has some edible exhibits, its focus is on the history of chocolate. Mayan artifacts and other historical pieces are on display to help tell the story of chocolate… a story that dates back to Ecuador in 3500 B.C. You can also see ancient and modern chocolate-making equipment.

And of course, there are chocolate-filled demonstrations. Learn how to make bonbons and traditional Mexican hot chocolate and (obviously) try samples of white, milk and dark chocolate. There are even hands-on chocolate-making classes you can take if just watching isn’t enough for you.

There is a play area for children so they can run off the sugar high that’s sure to ensue. While at the museum, kids can also dig for chocolate-related artifacts and even run their own chocolate shop. Hey, a life of entrepreneurship should start young.

It’s Manhattan’s first-ever chocolate museum—pretty impressive for a city that’s seen it all. Torres is incredibly excited and can’t wait to educate people about the delicious world of chocolate.

“My goal is to teach what chocolate is,” Torres told CBS2’s Raegan Medgie in an interview. “I don’t think my customers understand what it takes to make chocolates.”

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We’re ready to understand, Jacques. And if understanding comes wrapped in a truffle, so much the better.