People think this chocolate Pomeranian looks like a baby bear — and he’s precious

Bertram the Pomeranian, better known as Bertie, is quite possibly the most adorable thing you’ll see on the internet today. According to The Dodo, Bertie’s owner, Kathy Grayson, who owns an art gallery in New York City, found this puppy on PetFinder and adopted him almost immediately.

“There was just something about the look in his eyes,” Grayson told The Dodo.

So, she traveled just outside of Tulsa, Oklahoma, to get Bertie and take him to his forever home. Grayson brings him to the art studio to work with her every day. One look at this little pup’s photos on Instagram, and you, like Grayson, will be in love. But, you might notice one other thing: he looks like a baby bear.

Exhibit A:

Pomeranian or bear cub? You decide.

Whether he’s part bear or all pup — he’s absolutely adorable.

brown bear cub photo
Flickr | Patrick Denker

And unlike an actual bear, he’s totally harmless and he loves head scratches:

People frequently use the bear emoji to describe him when commenting on his Instagram posts. One Instagram user referred to him as a “super happy bear,” and that’s a spot-on description if you ask us.

BuzzFeed writer Arielle Calderon dubbed him a “cute lil’ baby bear,” and again — we agree. 

brown bear cub photo
Flickr | Tambako the Jaguar

The owner frequently refers to the pup as “Bertie Bear” online, and we seriously can’t get enough:

It’s pretty much cuteness overload!

If you’re wondering what Bertie may wear for Halloween (of course you were wondering that), he’s actually already got his costume ready to go. What else would a dog who looks like a bear wear but a Paddington Bear costume?

So, what do you think of this bear-like dog? If you agree he’s the cutest thing to ever exist — like the rest of his nearly 100,000 Instagram followers do —be sure to keep up with his adventures online by giving his account, @bertiebertthepom, a follow.