Chocolate spice banana bread is a new version to bake for fall

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When it comes to quick breads, banana bread reigns supreme, and during the coronavirus pandemic, that’s been as true as ever. A poll from KitchenAid this spring found that banana bread was one of the most popular things to bake during the lockdown.

Banana bread can be revised any number of yummy ways, with add-ins like nuts or chocolate chips, or the addition of pumpkin puree or sour cream. But this twist on banana bread from Joy + Oliver is the perfect way to bring some seasonal spice and depth to your recipe.

Made with ginger, brown sugar and cocoa powder, pastry chef Kristen Joy Massad’s chocolate-forward take on banana bread gives this perennial favorite a holiday twist. The addition of chocolate chips makes the bread even sweeter and more decadent, a sweet way to celebrate the season and add a little elegance to your breakfast table. Here’s her full recipe for chocolate spice banana bread so you can read all of her tips and try it yourself.

Joy + Oliver

Looking for other ways to dress up your beloved banana bread recipes for the holidays?

Check out Rozanna Purcell’s marbled banana bread. The Irish chef creates a hearty wheat-free twist on banana bread with almond flour, coconut oil, oats and cocoa powder. She creates the beautiful marbling effect by halving the mixture and only putting cocoa powder in one bowl, then layering the mixture in the loaf pan. It’s a simple trick that will make your banana bread look like it came from a fancy bakery rather than your home kitchen.


You also have the option of adding a sliced banana on top for extra flavor and a pretty, Instagram-worthy twist.

We also love this banana bread recipe from Aisha Pew. The addition of sour cream and banana liqueur and a light dusting of confectioner’s sugar on top makes this banana bread recipe truly memorable.

Feeling inspired? Just make sure you have plenty of ripe bananas on hand for all of these options and get ready to bake!