Indulge In Chocolate Wine This Valentine’s Day

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Is there anything more decadent than a glass of wine paired with a piece of dark chocolate?

How about if the two were combined? No, really. Chocolate wine is a thing! And what could be more perfect for toasting Valentine’s Day than a glass of chocolate wine, whether you are single or happily paired up?

The chocolate wine is made by Chocolate Cellar, and can be found at some stores in the grocery chain Aldi, specialty wine shops, and online via Amazon and Prices vary based on where the wine is sold, but on, where the product is currently sold out, the retail price is $13.99.

So how does Chocolate Cellar chocolate wine taste?

“The deep, dark nose aligns with layers of dark chocolate, coffee bean and black cherry surrounded by notes of vanilla,” says the Chocolate Cellar’s description of the wine. “Dark fruit flavors and deep, dark chocolate predominate the palate. The wine has a soft velvety mouth feel followed by a long, lingering finish with hints of vanilla.”

Aldi suggests this vino pairs well with “pastries, biscotti, fruits and desserts.” In other words, this wine really is perfect for Valentine’s Day!

Reviewers have sampled this wine from Washington state and given it mixed reviews. A blogger at The Aldi Nerd lamented that it’s a bit too sweet, “almost like a kicked up chocolate milk.” But what else could you expect for a dessert wine? However, other reviewers on Wine.Com and Amazon have given it more positive ratings.

Guess we have to just buy a bottle (or two!) and try it for ourselves.