Why Choose When You Don’t Have To? Behold Glazed Doughnut Muffins

We here at Simplemost do our best to help you “make the most out of life” and this idea is no exception: It helps you make the most out of your breakfast.

Why should you have to settle on either a muffin or a doughnut? They both have such great qualities. The doughnuts have the glaze that truly brings this breakfast item to a whole new level. However, they come with a level of guilt that the muffins just don’t carry. And yet muffins—though sweet, moist and baked—just don’t provide the topping varieties that doughnuts are so well known for.

Which brings us to our the recipe that has it all. Here it is the muffin that will give you your glaze without all the guilt. Here’s the recipe provided by Hip2Save: