Here’s A Chore Chart That Will Definitely Motivate Your Kids To Help Around The House


This clever chore chart was posted to a radio station’s Facebook page, and it has caught the attention of parents everywhere. The post has been shared over 1.1 million times! What’s unique about this chart is that the money kids can earn for each task is in plain view—a little extra visual incentive for kiddos looking for their own spending money.

While some families may see chores as part of a child’s everyday responsibilities to the household, others prefer to use some sort of reward system, such as this one, as a helpful tool to motivate kids. Not only that, but this chart puts the cash on display, so it can also be used to teach kids about money.


Want to give this chore chart a try? Here are a few tips to ensure the chart is a success in your home:

1. Go Big

Make sure you have a chart that is big enough so you can clearly write out all of the chores in a legible manner and can easily pin the money underneath each chore.

2. Keep It Visible suggests placing your chore chart in a place where it can be viewed often. Some families like to mix it in with their “family command center” so it’s easily accessible and can be reviewed daily.

3. Mix Up The Chores

To keep things fresh and interesting, try giving kids different tasks each week. Perhaps the chart will prompt them to dust every other week, while a monthly task could be to clean under the couch cushions. recommends rotating your chore chart every three to six months by either graduating your child to the next level of difficulty or by changing the routine to add variety.

4. Keep Tasks Age Appropriate

Not sure which chores are suitable for children of different ages? Check out The Happy House Wife’s list of of appropriate chores for kids of all ages. The list is also helpful if you’re looking new ideas to add to the mix.

The Happy House Wife


5. Acknowledge A Job Well Done

Lastly, make sure to also give your kids a pat on the back in addition to those extra few bucks they’re about to pocket—that is, of course, after they do a great job. Sometimes a little acknowledgement and praise can motivate little ones to go that extra mile.

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