Chrissy Teigen and John Legend welcome fourth child via surrogate

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Oh, baby! Who saw this coming?

On Wednesday, Chrissy Teigen announced the birth of her fourth child with John Legend — just five or so months after the birth of their third.

The kinda-sorta twins were made possible by surrogacy, Teigen explained in an emotional Instagram post.

The model/TV host/cooking maven described how the 2020 loss of their son Jack made her worry about future pregnancies. She and music star Legend (real name John Stephens) explored using a surrogate for their next baby. But then Teigen had second thoughts.

“At some point, early in our surrogacy journey, I came out of a therapy session, walked downstairs and said to John — I want to try to carry one more time,” she wrote.

The couple went for a round of in-vitro fertilization, had an embryo implanted, and it took. The happy result is their daughter Esti, born in January 2023 via cesarian section — but before that happened, the family learned of even more good news.

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Teigen and Legend had also tried to conceive with a surrogate named Alexandra.

“I knew she was a perfect match for us the moment we spoke to her,” Teigen wrote. “All our wishes and dreams aligned.”

The first try didn’t work, but while Teigen was in her first trimester with Esti, Alexandra shared she was pregnant with another Teigen-Legend collab.

“We ate hot pot to celebrate, watched Vanderpump Rules with our growing bellies, our families blending into one for the past year,” Teigen revealed.

Then, on June 19, Alexandra delivered a baby boy, named Wren Alexander Stephens. Teigen’s Instagram post features some of the baby’s first photos, and she later added a short video of a medical professional tending to him at the hospital. Meanwhile, Legend posted an image of himself with all their children — now four, fulfilling Teigen’s lifelong dream of having exactly that many.

“As a little girl, 2 glow worms and 2 cabbage patch dolls were perpetually in my arms, helping me stir in my pretend kitchen, watching Alf with me,” she wrote on Instagram.

Wren joins siblings Esti, almost 6 months; Miles, age 5; and Luna, age 7; along with a menagerie of pets. The family is complete. Congrats to the whole gang!

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