Chrissy Teigen Shares Her Thoughts On Piercing Her Daughter’s Ears

Supermodel Chrissy Teigen is not shy when it comes to voicing her opinion, and she has some thoughts as to when is the appropriate time to get her daughter’s ears pierced. The celeb mom told E! News that she’s going to let Luna decide if and when to pierce her ears.

“She doesn’t have her ears pierced, and I’m going to let her decide when she wants to do that,” she said at a launch party for a new Forevermark jewelry line.

Teigen’s decision seems to have something to do with the fact that she wasn’t allowed to decide about getting her own ears pierced as a child.

“I remember when I was little what I went through. My mom did it for me,” she told E!.

There is disagreement around when is the best time to get a little girl’s ears pierced, and even doctors don’t really have a straight answer.

“If the piercing is performed carefully and cared for conscientiously, there is little risk, no matter what the age of the child,” according to “However, as a general guideline, postpone the piercing until your child is mature enough to take care of the pierced site herself.”


For Dr. David Levine, it’s all about waiting to see what an individual child wants.

“My biggest advice to the parents, unless this is a cultural issue where everybody in the culture gets their kids’ ears pierced in early childhood, I’d like the kid to actually want it,” he told CNN.

He also thinks it’s important to discuss tattoos and piercings with your child, whether or not your child actually wants to get pierced or tattooed.


“It’s very similar when we talk to parents about the time to do the sex talk is at age 11, before they actually need it … even if it’s not right at that moment, it will open up the conversation and keep the communication open on these issues as kids negotiate adolescence,” Dr. Levine said.

So, Chrissy Teigen seems to have a great approach to this ear piercing thing — wait until Luna says she wants it.

Luna is the first child for Teigen and her husband John Legend, but the couple have been open about their plans to have baby number two.

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Getty Images | Stephen Brashear

Teigen was open about her struggles with infertility and the process of getting pregnant and getting to choose the sex of their first child. Sounds like a boy is what the family’s preparing for next!

You can always count on Teigen to keep it real—from losing baby weight to piercings, to dealing with infertility, this woman’s open about it all, and we love her for it!