The Touching Reason Why Chrissy Teigen Paid For A Fan To Go To Beauty School

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This model blesses her fans on an almost daily basis. Her Twitter rants are hilarious, she’s invited us into kitchen (through her cookbook), and she lets us into the life of her adorable family by way of Instagram photos. And now Chrissy Teigen is giving back to one fan in a very meaningful and personal way. She paid for a fan to go to beauty school!

Mercedes Edney posted a link to a fundraising platform on Twitter. She already owns her own beauty company and was trying to raise money to go to esthetician school. In about a month, she had only raised $400. Then, all of a sudden, the $6,000 she was trying to raise had been fulfilled.

“I was at work, and I heard my PayPal alert go off. I saw the amount and said ‘what the hell? what’s wrong with PayPal?’ I thought it was a glitch,” Edney wrote to NBC News on Twitter. Because yeah, that’s how surprising the news was that Teigen—of all people—had paid for her to go to school!

After learning the news, Edney took to Twitter and Instagram to thank Teigen for her generosity.

“I have been crying all night and I cried in the office this morning as I paid my downpayment for esthetician school. I haven’t been this happy in a very long time,” she wrote. “Thank you Chrissy.”

Teigen responding saying, “I’m really excited for you to live out your passion.”

It’s always great to see celebrities give back. But this? This takes it to a whole new level. Teigen showing immense kindness to her fans? All in a day’s work!

This came just days before Teigen announced that she was venturing into the beauty realm herself. She announced via Instagram that she is collaborating with BECCA Cosmetics to create the Glow Face Palette of four pressed powders. It will be limited edition, and as you can imagine, is highly coveted by her fans.

So, now that Teigen’s displayed an interest for the beauty industry as well, maybe she and Edney can collaborate at some point in time? We honestly wouldn’t put it past Teigen. She’s constantly amazing her fans, and that’s precisely why she’s got such a devoted following!