30 Times We’ve Loved Chrissy Teigen For Her Honesty

Chrissy Teigen knows how to keep it real. In a world where many celebrities can come across as fake or try to glamorize their lives through their status, Teigen has gone out of her way to break stereotypes through her interviews, social media posts and even her style choices.

With everything from her views on drinking to losing weight, the “Me Too” movement and especially parenthood, Teigen keeps things refreshingly honest with her fans.

Here are 30 times the model and TV host has been totally down to earth despite living what many would consider a fairytale lifestyle.

Rocking Postpartum Underwear

Most moms wouldn’t be caught dead posing in postpartum undies just a few days after giving birth, but Teigen posted this candid shot shortly after delivering her second child with her husband, singer John Legend.


Sharing Her Grief Over Her Beloved Puppy

Saying goodbye to a beloved pet is heartbreaking and celebrities are not immune from it. When her dog Puddy died, Teigen confessed she felt a hole in her life in his absence.


Standing Up For Making — And Spending! — Her Own Money

As a celebrity who shares her life on social media, Teigen is used to hearing from critics and has no trouble responding to trolls. When one man questioned how she spent “other people’s money,” the supermodel had a simple reply, sharing a link to a Forbes article listing her as a top-earner in her profession along with two simple words: “my money.”

Openly Admitting To A Drinking Problem

Teigen came clean with Cosmopolitan magazine about her drinking habits in 2017.

“I was, point blank, just drinking too much,” she said. “I got used to being in hair and makeup and having a glass of wine. Then that glass of wine would carry over into me having one before the awards show. And then a bunch at the awards show.” How’s that for exposing your flaws?

Chrissy Teigen photo
Getty Images | Dave Kotinsky

Calling Out Her Husband’s Annoying Habit

Married people often have little quirks that drive one another crazy. The same is true for Teigen and Legend. According to Teigen, her husband has an annoying habit of stealing all of the phone chargers from the house. So, being Teigen, she called him out on Twitter! Isn’t it nice to see that even the stars share our frustrations!

Chrissy Teigen photo
Getty Images | Jamie McCarthy

Giving Her Thoughts On Piercing Her Kid’s Ears

When it comes to raising kids, there are opinions on everything. Piercing a child’s ears is one of those controversial topics and Teigen decided to weigh in on the subject.

“She doesn’t have her ears pierced, and I’m going to let her decide when she wants to do that,” she told E! News of her young daughter. “I remember when I was little what I went through. My mom did it for me.”


Paparazzi In The Grocery Store

Apparently even Teigen has preconceived notions about celebrities who go shopping. In an Instagram post, she commented on how the paparazzi caught her in a grocery store. She playfully joked about how they captured her “most intimate grocery cart items” and how it was a “travesty.” Maybe it was the Cap’n Crunch in the basket she was worried about?


Rocking Her Baby Bump On The Red Carpet

Teigen proudly displayed her baby bump during both of her pregnancies, whether it was in candid shots or on the red carpet. At the 2018 pre-Grammy party, she thanked stylist Monica Rose and designer Jonathan Simkhai for “making me feel good which is more important than looking good, but let’s face it, both are nice.” Way to own it, Chrissy!


Sharing Silly Family Holiday Traditions

You know those crazy matching holiday pajamas you all wear? The ones you’d put on for Christmas for the traditional holiday photo? Well, Legend and Teigen have them, too, and loved showing them off online! There’s no shame in some festive sleepwear, right?


Facing Fertility Critics

Teigen and John Legend struggled with fertility for many years and opted for in vitro fertilization treatments to help them conceive their children. One social media user slammed the celebrity for her choice. Needless to say, Teigen clapped back with some mama-bear attitude.


Openly Coping With Postpartum Depression

The celebrity mom who seems to have it all bravely revealed her struggle with postpartum depression in March 2017. She published an essay in Glamour magazine and posted her relief at sharing her struggles with the world.


Revealing How Celebrities Lose Pregnancy Weight

How do you go from being fully pregnant to red-carpet ready in short period of time? Teigen admitted it’s not easy and that celebrities like her have serious help losing the weight.

Showing She Doesn’t Believe In “TMI”

Childbirth is called labor for a reason, and Teigen does nothing to glamorize it. In a hilarious tweet, she confirmed that her delivery with new son Miles was physically easier than her daughter, Luna’s. Does she care that it’s a bit too much information? NOPE!


Sharing Embarrassing High School Pics

How many people willingly share their cringeworthy high school photos? Count Chrissy Teigen as one who finds the humor in awful style and beauty choices from long ago.


Taking Some Good-Natured Teasing

Apparently, there is a man on social media who recreates Teigen’s social media posts. Sure, it’s a little weird, but the supermodel gave him a ringing endorsement on her Instagram!


Acknowledging Her Awkward Reaction Faces

Teigen has been known to not be able to hide her real reactions to people and situations — her face is kind of like an open book. She knows the camera catches all, as it did at the 2018 Oscars, and usually shrugs it off.

Showing Off Her Natural Look

Sure, Teigen might be a supermodel, but she doesn’t hesitate to share her all-natural look, sans makeup, with her fans. She still looks beautiful, of course.


Sharing Glimpses Into Her Relationship

Whether she posts on her own social media or Legend decides to share a closer look at their marriage himself, you can tell this couple is real and knows how to have some fun.


Making Us All Drool With Her Cooking

Maybe Legend and Teigen could hire a personal chef, but they don’t need to because Teigen is a self-confessed foodie who loves getting her hands dirty in the kitchen! Her social media posts are full of yummy-looking meals she makes for the family.


Proving That Supermodels Do Eat Ice Cream

Since she’s a foodie, Teigen isn’t shy about sharing her love of all kinds of food. And she breaks the supermodel stereotype by showing off her love for ice cream, just like the rest of us!


Pulling Back The Curtain

Models love having their pictures taken for a professional shoot — but candids beforehand? Not everyone can pull it off or would be willing to open themselves to public comment. Teigen shared this behind-the-scenes moment before one of her jobs.


Professing Her Love Of Junk Food

Sometimes even a supermodel wants to grab some junk food and play some games. And why not be proud of it like Teigen, as she showed while getting ready to travel for a TV appearance. Who doesn’t love Skee-Ball, fried food and hot dogs?


Owning Up To Plastic Surgery

Teigen hasn’t tried to keep the plastic surgery work she had done a secret, but she did take to Twitter to clarify that when she said she had “everything” done she was making a joke. Hello, people!


As she pointed out in a follow-up tweet, she still has imperfections and if she’d actually had everything done that would probably not be the case.

Skipping An Event To Play Video Games On The Couch

When she was pregnant with Miles, the 2018 Met Gala — always a must-attend event for people in fashion — happened. Instead of hitting the red carpet, Teigen revealed she was lying on her couch, watching Bravo and playing Nintendo Switch!


Speaking Up On Behalf Of Others

When Team USA Olympic gymnast McKayla Maroney faced a $100,000 fine for speaking at the sentencing of the doctor who sexually abused her, Teigen took to Twitter to offer her support to the athlete and show her support of the #MeToo movement.


Getting Real About Pregnancy Hair

Teigen has been featured on many magazine covers as part of her modeling career, so she must know that her fans want the latest tips on beauty and fashion. But when you’re pregnant, high-glamour looks aren’t always a top priority. Still, she wants to give the people what they yearn for with some practical advice: behold, the messy pony tail and a full how-to on how you can have one yourself!


Revealing The Agony Of Learning A New Hobby

When Teigen gave aerial yoga a try, she knew she had to record it and share it because hasn’t everyone had that moment of terror of doing something new and looking ridiculous? In the Instagram video she shared, she thanked her instructor for being patient.


Talking About Breastfeeding Challenges

As a mom to a new baby, Teigen reached out to social media to get some reassurance that her body isn’t transforming into something totally scary, even though it might look that way. In a video she shared, she asked “What is this?” in reference to the veins that suddenly appeared on her chest. Twitter moms could totally relate!


Doing What It Takes To Keep A Toddler Happy

Sometimes when out at a restaurant, a mom has to do whatever it takes to keep the kiddo happy. Celebrity moms like Teigen share the struggle, as she revealed in the video of her prancing around with daughter Luna singing “pizza party, pizza party!”


Playing With Funny Filters

If you follow Chrissy Teigen on social media, you’ll quickly see how much she loves playing with those fun filters that turn people into animals, aliens or other crazy things. And, she doesn’t mind showing how silly they make her look. No high horse for her!