Pregnant Chrissy Teigen took a big container of scalloped potatoes through airport security


Leave it to Chrissy Teigen to ask the one thing we’ve all been wondering: Can we bring a casserole dish full of scalloped potatoes through airport security? Because really, though—all of that traveling can make you hungry! The outspoken (and often hilarious) celebrity posed this question on Twitter, and she actually got a response from the AskTSA Twitter account. Hooray!

In case you were wondering, it’s totally OK to bring that casserole dish through the TSA line. Who knew?

Teigen’s original tweet read, “If I don’t have a carry-on, can I bring a large ceramic casserole dish of scalloped potatoes on the plane? I am not kidding, is this okay? Is it too blunt/heavy an object? I’ll cry if they throw it away.”

And AskTSA responded: “That’s a good question, Christine! Scalloped potatoes are allowed in carry-on and checked bags. You can place them in a ceramic casserole dish. We hope you enjoy!”

Wow! Just think of all of the leftovers that wouldn’t have been left behind after the holiday season if only people had this information. Thanks to Teigen, you’ll never go hungry in an airport again!

Later, Teigen posted updates to let fans know that she and her potatoes did, in fact, make it through TSA. She must have made a decision to not risk breaking the ceramic dish and to go for good old Tupperware, instead.

The Tupperware made it through just fine, too. Good to know!

People are loving that Teigen asked this very serious question and then updated fans about the journey of her scalloped potatoes.

Many wished her luck on her potato-eating endeavors via Twitter.

Fans and food-lovers waited with bated breath to see if she made it through with her food in tow!

People were relieved to see she had made it through TSA successfully!

American Airlines even chimed in:

But we have a feeling the answer is, “Umm, no.”

That’s OK though, because Teigen shared the recipe for these scalloped potatoes in her “Cravings” cookbook. So, you can make some (and bring them through TSA) all on your own.

You can see a full list of rules surrounding food on the official TSA website. But it seems as though if the food is wrapped or in a container and taken out of your bag to go through the x-ray machine, it’ll be smooth sailing for you.

This, in typical Teigen style, was a pretty hilarious scenario, but it’s definitely not the strangest thing people have tried to bring onto planes.

One woman tried to get an “emotional support” peacock on a flight with her. She didn’t wind up having as much luck as Teigen, though.

Peacocks and potatoes—you never know what will fly (pun intended!) with airlines and TSA. In this case, however, it was Teigen’s lucky day!

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