This ‘Christmas According To Kids’ Video Will Crack You Up

In a video shared by Southland Christian Church on YouTube, kids are asked to tell the story of Christmas and the result is pretty hilarious. Watching these adorable kids explain, in their own words, how Jesus was born alongside funny re-enactments of their (not always accurate) version of events is sure to crack you up.

One little boy has a pretty tough time with the word “Bethlehem,” pronouncing it more like “Bethle-ha-ha-ham.” The kids squabble over whether Mary and Joseph’s mode of transportation was a donkey or a camel, which is depicted in the video as a golf cart with a sign on it that says “donkey” and then “camel.”

As for the shepherds making their way to the manger for the special birth, the kids are sure they had to “walk through a bunch of grass and bushes” and maybe even had to “camp out a night.”

The kids get pretty creative when it comes to what the three wise men brought as gifts for baby Jesus. Instead of gold, frankincense and myrrh, as the story goes in the Bible, these kids suggest that they brought more practical items like diapers, wipes and milk. There were a few fun items, too, like maybe a stuffed hippo or some Jordan sneakers.

The kids wonder how baby Jesus survived in a barn and surmise that it probably didn’t smell that great thanks to his dirty diapers.

One little kid wraps it up by declaring, “The new baby is going to change the world.”

The video was posted two years ago, and has since been viewed more than 2 million times. Everyone found it pretty entertaining, even those who don’t necessarily practice the Christian faith.

“I’m not even religious, and I absolutely loved this. Good job guys. Super cute and hilarious,” read one comment.

“OK, I’m not joking, this may be the best telling of the Christmas story that I’ve ever seen. Marvelous!” said another.

If you need a little comic relief during the stress of the holidays, check out the video below:

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