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Christmas Light Phone Chargers Are The Perfect Holiday Accessory

They're so cute you'll want to use them all year round!

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OK, so your home’s all decorated, but your office is likely a different story. And if there’s any place you need an extra dose of Christmas cheer, it’s at work. That’s precisely why these Christmas light phone chargers are just what you need to make your workspace feel all the more festive this season.

Instead of simply charging your phone, you could also be spreading a bit of Christmas magic whenever the cable is plugged into a USB port, and it’s all thanks to these LED light charging cables. These chargers can be found from retailers such as Amazon, Target and Kohl’s and feature miniature Christmas lights along the cord.

In the spirit of spreading Christmas cheer, you’re going to want to shop one for yourself and potentially one for all of your co-workers (or at least the ones on the nice list!). These chargers are compatible with iPhones, but pay close attention to which versions they work with before making a purchase.

Here are just a few of the options you can find online:

1. Amazon

These classic multi-colored lights allow you to embrace the season — and fully charge your phone, of course. They’re available for as low as $25 on Amazon. The cable is 46 inches long and will work with iPhone 5, 6 and 7.


2. Target

Meanwhile, you can find a similar-looking strand at Target for just $14 if you’re looking to save a little on these stocking stuffers. This will work with iPhone 5, 6 and 7.


3. Kohl’s

For even more festive flair, you can shop this version from Kohl’s, which comes not only with lights but with adorable little pom poms as well. This strand originally sold for $30, but if you shop now through Dec. 8, you can score it for just $11.24 by entering code HOLIDAY25 at checkout. This strand will work with the iPhone 5, 6, 7 and 8.


4. American Eagle

These simple string lights will give off a colorful glow for a super affordable price. They’re available at American Eagle for just $9.95. This version is compatible with the iPhone, iPad and iPod.

American Eagle

5. Hot Topic

Just when you thought these charging cables couldn’t get any cuter, Hot Topic had to go and sell a unicorn version. Not only do their little unicorn horns light up, but the cable also comes equipped with three different tips, meaning its universally compatible with all devices. It’s available for $14.90 on the Hot Topic website.

Hot Topic

Whether you’re filling your communal office space with these, using them for your own personal enjoyment at your desk or using this as an office Secret Santa gift, there’s no wrong way to add a little extra light to your life and the life of others this season.

Merry charging, folks!