Who Needs A Christmas Tree When You Can Have A Christmas Pineapple?


Halloween has come and gone, so you missed your chance to make a pineapple jack-o-lantern. But good news—we have more holidays coming up for you to use your pineapples! Let’s skip Thanksgiving and go straight to Christmas, which is the perfect time to pimp out your pineapple. Don’t have enough room in your place for a Christmas tree? Tired of sweeping pine needles from your floor? Do you have a cat?

Well then, you might want to consider replacing your typical Christmas tree with a Christmas pineapple! You can string lights on your festive tropical fruit, and it will take about 90 percent less time and lights.

Just look at how cute this is:


Ignore the fact that the pineapple in the picture does not appear to be plugged into anything, because you get the point. Oh, and you can also use those spiky leaves to hang tiny ornaments!


As someone who grew up in Hawaii, I am all in favor of this recent trend towards replacing everything with pineapples. (Except as a pizza topping. I’m drawing a line in the sand there.)


The best thing about replacing your Christmas tree with a Christmas pineapple? Last I checked, you can’t eat a Christmas tree. Pineapples, on the other hand, are yummy. Plus, you don’t need to strap one to the roof of your car to drive it home. I mean, you still can. But I don’t advise it.

So once you’ve decorated your pineapple and taken pictures for Instagram to convince your friends you are in the holiday spirit, take all those pesky decorations off and get to eating. Here is a tasty dessert you can make using your beloved yuletide pineapple’s innards.

Sure, it’s a decadent dessert. But as it turns out you can’t fit presents under a pineapple, so you might as well just enjoy your time on the naughty list.

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