This Ugly Christmas Sweater Can Hide An Entire Bottle Of Wine

If the thought of spending the holidays with family has you reaching for a bottle of wine, you’re not alone. The holidays can wear on everyone’s nerves, especially if you’ve got a relative who loves to talk politics when all you want to do is open presents …and drink wine, of course.

If Grandma prefers that you not drink at the kitchen table (or on the couch, or under the tree, or while hiding outside), getting through it all can be pretty rough.


But fear not! This year, there is an ugly Christmas sweater that will not only have you looking amazing, but will get you to feeling amazing, too! The geniuses at Tipsy Elves have created a Wine Stocking Sweater, complete with a stocking which holds an entire bottle of wine right on your chest.

The sweater features green and white stripes, with some red designs mixed in on the sleeves. But most important is the giant stocking on the front where you store your bottle of holiday magic.

Sure, the top of the bottle might stick out a bit, but for the most part, your secret stash will stay hidden. And if it holds a full bottle, imagine all the mini bottles you can carry around with you. Or, if you don’t like wine, throw a flask in there or an innocent-looking soda bottle that’s totally not spiked with rum.

If you do go with a full bottle, I also see no shame in sticking an extra long straw in there and sipping throughout the night — not that I’ve ever done that before or anything.


The sweater isn’t cheap, costing $74, plus shipping. But you can’t really put a price on making it through the holidays, right? (To make it easier on your wallet, though, here’s a list of 15 of the best wines under $15!)

And like everyone on Santa’s nice list, once you fake-smiled your way through the holidays, you deserve a little treat. You know, like a portable wine cooler or perhaps some no-spill wine glasses? Here’s 12 things every wine-lover needs — ›or in this case, deserves!


Happy Wino-days!