You can now buy Christmas tree butter sculptures for your holiday table

Keller's Creamery

No holiday party would be complete without Christmas lights, mistletoe, a Yule log and the perfect playlist. But before you put out your holiday appetizers, stop and ask yourself: Did I remember my Christmas tree butter sculpture?

That’s right, it’s time to gobble up the remnants of your turkey-shaped butter and bring out the Christmas tree butter. Butter shaped like an adorable mini Christmas tree is a new trend that will make every holiday gathering an event to remember.

As with the Thanksgiving-themed butter, this Christmas tree butter comes from the butter artists at Keller’s Creamery. Starting this month, you can find this holiday butter in local stores that stock Keller’s Creamery products.

If you aren’t near a store that carries Keller’s Creamery stock, don’t go full Grinch on us. You can still enjoy the Christmas tree butter trend by shaping your own butter into a Christmas tree design.

All you need is a Christmas tree mold, like this option for $6.15 from Amazon. While it is primarily intended for the use of candy, reviewers reported that they were able to successfully make butter trees with the mold. One reviewer explained that they simply took room-temperature butter, put it in the mold carefully, then popped it in the freezer for 30 minutes to harden.


After the half-hour is up, you simply take the butter out of the freezer and remove it from the mold by gently tapping it on the side of the counter or a serving dish.

Voila! You are officially the Da Vinci of butter sculpting.

And once springtime rolls around again, check out the bunny-shaped butter from Keller’s Creamery.

Keller's Creamery

Celebrating the holidays should always be this delicious!

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