The Internet Can’t Believe How Old This Man Is

One man from Singapore has been the talk of the internet as of late, and though he’s a male model, the chatter isn’t about his full head of dark hair, seemingly flawless face or chiseled six pack. Well, it is. But it’s about his age. Because he looks incredibly young—not to mention handsome (see aforementioned “dark hair,” “flawless face” and “chiseled six pack)—for his chronological age.

His name is Chuando Tan and, by the look of him, you’d think he’s in his twenties. Maybe early-thirties, tops.

Tan’s actual age? 50. Yes, 5-0!

And the internet continues to wonder how on earth Tan could look the way he does as he enters his sixth decade of life. The former pop star, who now owns his own photography business, told DailyMail that regularly working out, indulging in his favorite chicken dish and never bathing early in the morning or late at night (um, OK…) are some of his tricks to maintaining his very youthful appearance.


It’ll come as no surprise that Tan not only is a photographer but has a modeling career as well. And it was his modeling that recently put him back in the spotlight after a recent media appearance.

People from around the world continue to be in disbelief as Tan reconfirms that yes, he is indeed 50 years old.

His Instagram account, which now has over 300,000 followers, is filled with questions pertaining to his age. Some people just can’t seem to wrap their heads around the fact that Tan is firmly in middle age. Maybe it’s because he has a full head of hair. Or that it’s impossible to spot one little wrinkle on Tan’s seemingly perfect face.


Tan seems to really have everything going for him, as his photography business, ChuanDo & Frey, seems to be doing just as well as his modeling gig. Back in 2008 he shot Janet Jackson’s 2008 album cover for “Discipline” and more recently has photographed high-profile Asian celebrities such as Rosamund Kwan and Shu Qi.



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