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Women Embrace Their Fuller Faces In ‘Chubby Cheek Gang’ Tweets

This woman's post generated a lot of support!

No matter who you are, you likely have some insecurities. You also know how great it is when you realize other strong, beautiful women share that same insecurity as you. For anyone who may have felt insecure about having a fuller face, which comes from having big, round cheeks, this social media movement is for you.

In January, a British woman named Toni decided to share reasons why young women should love their “chubby cheeks,” rather than wish they had “a more chiseled” face:

She continued to explain exactly why we should embrace plumper cheeks in her following tweets:

The thread has since gone viral; it has been shared over 21,000 times and has amassed over 62,000 likes. Toni has sparked a movement that now has its own hashtag: #ChubbyCheekGang.

As if you needed more reason to love your big cheeks, Toni upped the ante by using First Lady Michelle Obama and Drew Barrymore as “chubby cheekers” who looks great for their age, because of the fuller face they had when they were younger:

Toni’s inspiring tweets are the result of a talk she had with her sister about their own round cheeks.

“My sister and I got into a conversation about chubby cheeks as they run in our family. She wished she had a slimmer face and I told her that having full cheeks was a blessing, despite what she thought,” Toni told BuzzFeed News. “It made me think that there must be a few young women out there who share similar thoughts, so I wanted to let them know a full face has its benefits.”

Women of all different ages tweeted pictures on the #ChubbyCheekGang hashtag. It’s clear that many have felt insecure about their rounded cheeks and some women are realizing how having a younger-looking face can be a blessing in disguise.

“My face was fuller when I was younger but it started to slim down around the age of 26, and that’s how I knew of the chubby cheek benefits,” explained Toni. “When I had a much fuller face, I used to Google what I could do to make my face slimmer, but a lot of the web literature I found suggested that cheek fat was actually a good thing.”

Do you have “chubby cheeks”? How do you feel about them? Let us know in the comments!