Cinnabon’s new Churro Chillatta is chock-full of cinnamon spice


Just when you thought adding churros to the Cinnabon menu was the best it would ever get, Cinnabon is taking its love of the cinnamon treat up a notch with a new frozen drink: the Churro Chillatta!

The over-the-top frozen beverage not only combines the cinnamon flavors of a churro with the creaminess of Cinnabon’s signature blended Chillattas, but it is also topped with whipped cream, caramel drizzle and a churro stick or churro swirl (a churro that’s been rolled into a circle).

Yes, that’s right: You’ll get a churro-flavored drink and a churro. The whole decadent shebang starts at $6.29.

While the churro swirls and sticks are permanent additions to the Cinnabon menu, the Churro Chillatta will only be available at Cinnabon mall locations nationwide for a limited time.


Cinnabon added the churro swirls to its permeant menu last March, though they were first introduced in August 2018. The churros are baked and coated in cinnamon sugar and you can buy them on their own or with two flavors of dipping sauces: chocolate or caramel.

If you’ve never had a churro, it typically consists of a strip of fried dough that is sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar. The churro is one of the oldest foods in the world, and while some say it was invented in China, others say the credit goes to nomadic Spanish shepherds who created them due to a lack of cooking devices. Either way, I am personally quite thankful they exist!


If you’d rather stick to a traditional Cinnabon cinnamon roll on your next trip to the mall, you’ll find plenty of those, too, including what Cinnabon calls “The Center of the Roll,” a bite-size piece of what is arguably the best part of the cinnamon roll — the middle!

And there are other flavors of the Chillattas beverages if you need something to wash down all that cinnamon and cream cheese icing. Other flavors include double chocolate, strawberries and cream, and Oreo cookies and cream.

Will you be heading to your local Cinnabon to try their new Churro Chillatta?

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