Cinnabon’s Newest Treat Is A Cinnamon Roll Baked Inside Of A Chocolate Chip Cookie

If you could combine any two foods, what would they be? A comforting dish like spaghetti and grilled cheese? Or how about an Italian mash-up of pizza and pasta?

I’ll admit those do sound pretty intriguing, but if you’ve never had chocolate chip cookies mixed with cinnamon rolls, well, my friend, now is the time. Meet: Cookie BonBites, a melt-in-your-mouth treat dreamed up by Cinnabon!

The Cookie BonBite creation is made from the brand’s BonBites — miniature, bite-sized versions of the classic cinnamon roll — baked inside of fresh chocolate chip cookie dough. You read that right — it’s a cinnamon roll baked right inside of a cookie!

They’re rolling out on Friday, Oct. 4, which is National Cinnamon Roll Day, at Cinnabons across the country. But Cookie BonBites will only be available for a limited time.


If the Cookie BonBites sound familiar, it’s because they are — kind of. They made a very limited one-day appearance in Cinnabon bakeries in 2017. After selling out across the country, fans began asking for them to make a comeback, so Cinnabon answered. Hopefully, they’ll be around for more than a day this time!

The Cookie BonBites will be available for $2.99 for one and $9.99 for six, although pricing may vary. You can find the Cinnabon bakery nearest you by visiting their website.


Also, Cinnabon recently made Churro Swirls a permanent addition to their menu. Like the BonBites, these were introduced once before. The cinnamon-coated treats are now available at Cinnabon bakeries nationwide, clearly making malls across America smell amazing.

The churro swirls are baked and coated in cinnamon sugar. You can buy them on their own or with two flavors of dipping sauces: warm Ghirardelli chocolate or smooth caramel. One churro will cost you $2.49, but a second churro is just 99 cents. Dips start at 50 cents each. Prices vary by location.


If you’re still hungry for more, check out Cinnabon’s churro frosting sandwich instead, which features a layer of cream cheese frosting between two churro swirls!


If you’d rather make Cinnabon-style treats from the comfort of your own kitchen instead of braving the mall (especially with the holidays coming up), Spend with Pennies offers a Copy Cat Cinnabon recipe that sounds delicious! Pair it with your own homemade chocolate chip cookies to enjoy the best of both worlds.

Will you be trying the new Cookie BonBites at your local Cinnabon bakery?