You Can Now Get Cinnabon Cinnamon Buns Delivered Right To Your Door

I rarely go shopping in a mall anymore, but on the occasions that I do, there is precisely one thing that makes me wonder why I don’t go more often: the sweet, sweet smell of Cinnabons. That scent somehow makes a large, crowded mall seem warm and cozy.

This holiday season, however, Cinnabon is making it easier to get their delicious cinnamon rolls at home by launching a new delivery service. Yes, this means that not only do you not have to go to the mall — you don’t even have to leave your house. It doesn’t get any better than that!


Through Cinnabon’s new online ordering platform, you can order the cinnamon rolls for yourself or even send that warm and cozy feeling to someone else. You can pick from one (or more!) of three different sized packages, Classic Cinnabon Roll (six classic rolls), MiniBon (15 MiniBons) and BonBites (16 bite-sized rolls), all of which come with extra frosting. The delicious cinnamon rolls will then be delivered overnight to a location of your choosing.


Prices start at $39.99 for the smallest size and go up to $49.99. The site also offers free overnight shipping for all three of the package options, making it a perfect last-minute gift to order for your own family or to send to someone.

If you’re looking to make a nice seasonal gesture at work, you can also bring these tasy treats into the office. They’re sure to make you a hit among co-workers! As the Cinnabon site says, “There’s nothing like sweet cinnamon, fluffy dough and irresistibly creamy frosting at the door to make [someone’s] day.”

If $39.99 and up is a little more than what you’re willing to spend on a package of cinnamon rolls, you can also buy Cinnabon rolls from Pillsbury at the store and make them at home. As anyone who has made them can tell you though, these at-home rolls are pretty delicious, but they still aren’t quite the same as a freshly baked Cinnabon. (Plus, they’re a little tough to send in the mail, if your plan was to gift them to a friend or family member).


Will you be buying or gifting some Cinnabon cinnamon rolls this holiday season?