Cinnamon Sugar Chex Mix Is Hard To Stop Eating Once You Start


Chex Mix is a classic party snack that’s always a hit. There are many variations on the addictive snack out there, and this Churro Chex Party Mix might be one of the best of the bunch. If you like the sweet, cinnamon taste of the popular churro pastry, you’re going to love it as the featured flavor in this crunchy homemade snack.

This yummy treat can be made in the microwave, which makes it ideal for little ones to help out in the kitchen. It’s also ready in just 15 minutes, so if you’re searching for a last-minute contribution to a potluck or party, this recipe can be made in a snap. All it takes is some Chex cereal and a few other simple ingredients you likely already have on hand.


Churros are one of the world’s oldest foods, and versions of the snack are popular in a variety of cultures, including Spanish, French, Chinese and Portuguese cuisine. Although historians may be divided on exactly when and where the churro was first invented, there’s one thing we can all agree on: Churros are insanely delicious!

Check out this take on cinnamon-sugar Chex Mix from One Little Project At A Time. Her version is baked in the oven, which is guaranteed to have the added benefit of gracing your whole home with an intoxicating cinnamon-sugar smell. The blogger says this seriously addictive snack will disappear quickly, whether you serve it at a party, as an after-school snack or for a mid-afternoon pick-me-up.

One Little Project At A Time

Another fun way to enjoy the cinnamon-sugar flavor in a cereal-based snack is with churro Cheerios — aka Churrios. This recipe from My 3 Monsters takes plain old Cheerios and transforms them into a sweet, fried treat that would be right at home at a state fair.

My 3 Monsters

Do you have a favorite churro-flavored snack?


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