Circle With Disney Is On Sale Right Now For $50

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Parents, have you been looking for a way to better manage your kids’ time on the internet? It can be tough to constantly monitor what they see and how long they spend on social media, video websites and online games.

This is where the Circle with Disney comes in to provide some peace of mind for parents with children who are connected to the internet in countless ways.

And just in time for the holidays, Amazon has slashed the price of Circle with Disney by 50 percent to just $49.99 (originally $99.00), with free delivery for Amazon Prime members.

So, what exactly is Circle with Disney? First, it’s not actually a circle. It’s a techy-looking cube — with a circle inside it.


Inside this little cube, Disney has created a technology hub that allows parents full access to their kids’ devices, whether they are wired or on a wireless network. Here are a few of the ways you can manage your kids’ devices, all from your own computer or smartphone.

Set Internet Time Limits

Does your kid spend too much time online? That’s an easy fix. Through Circle with Disney, parents can create overall time limits for internet connection. Or if you’d prefer to limit their time on certain sites (say, social media), you can set specific limits as well.

Filter Online Content

Each child can have their own content rating limit. So, if you have an older child, maybe you set their devices to a Teen rating. For your 5-year-old, set the access to Pre-K rated content.

Turn Off The Internet

Sometimes you just need to shut things down. Circle with Disney allows you to cut the connection to individual devices or shut down all connections for the whole family.

Online Viewing History

Device managers can also display what websites and apps every family member uses throughout the day.


Pretty cool, right? Could your family use a Circle with Disney?