This City Posted An Ad Looking For A Graphic Designer And It’s Obvious They Need Some Help

It’s never been more clear that this city is in serious need of a graphic designer. The official City of Los Angeles posted the most hilarious advertisement calling for graphic designers, on its Facebook page—and based on the ad, they need all the help they can get!

This isn’t a joke, either. There’s also an official job description listed on the City of Los Angeles website, so if you’re interested in helping this city out with your design savvy, we have a feeling they’d really appreciate it.

The job posting showcases a handwritten call for graphic designers that looks as though it was created using Microsoft Paint. Yeah, it’s that bad!

Take a look at the hilarious ad for yourself:

This train wreck of an ad is enough to make any graphic designer cringe, as well as send them running to the website to apply. The gig does pay $46,708 to $103,230, after all.

Unfortunately, the deadline to apply was Jan. 25. We sincerely hope they found a talented designer to help them out with those graphics!

But if this clever job posting has piqued your interest in working for the City of Los Angeles (they clearly have a sense of humor), they do have some other job openings. They’re also hiring a “tree surgeon” which is worth applying for—just for the cool job title, if nothing else.

You can keep up to date with Los Angeles’ latest openings (or at least get a good chuckle every once in a while) by following their Facebook page.

Looking for a job on the other side of the pond? Then you’ll be happy to know that the Queen of England herself hires staff (and even lets them live in the palace) from time to time. The most recent chef position application deadline has already passed, but there are still some interesting roles available at the moment. For instance, her royal majesty is hiring a summer retail assistant and catering assistant, just to name a few.

It’s amazing the kinds of unique job opportunities that are available if you look, and if they’re funny, cleverly designed or maybe even royal—that makes them even more appealing. So, touch up your resume and let the hiring process begin!