Claire Danes is pregnant with her second child

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Actress Claire Danes officially announced some incredible news on “The Howard Stern” radio show. She’s pregnant with baby No. 2!

She seemed excited to tell the radio show host the news and give him the “exclusive” information, but she wasn’t divulging all of the details: She kept the sex of the baby private.

“I am pregnant. I’m seriously prego … I’m deep into my second trimester,” she said on the air.

The baby will join 5-year-old Cyrus, a son the actress has with husband, Hugh Dancy.

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She told Stern that she was pregnant while filming “Homeland,” but this isn’t new territory for her. She was pregnant with Cyrus when she was shooting the show in 2013, too.

“I was pregnant with him filming. Third season, he was five months,” the actress told People back in 2015. “I have so many photos of him in various stages of development in Carrie Mathison’s chair.”

And since his birth, Cyrus has become pretty accustomed to coming to work with his mommy.

“He’s the ‘Homeland’ baby,” Danes told People. “And he’s already becoming a little director. “He says, ‘Action!’ … He’s a real set baby. It’s really sweet. He loves the [show’s operations room] because of all the lights. It’s a great environment for a kid. It’s the circus!”

The actress told Elle in 2013 that she’d make a “lousy stay-at-home mom,” so it’s great to see her be able to blend her work life with her family life.

Now, all that’s left to do is make a little more room for baby No. 2!

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