It’s Time To Clean These 4 Things Out Of Your Life


Now that we’re in the midst of spring, have you done all your spring cleaning? If you’re like me, the answer’s “no.”

It turns out that not a lot of people are into spring cleaning—93 percent of people would rather do anything else, according to Molly Maid cleaning service, reported the Toronto Sun.

44 percent would rather do public speaking, instead, while 30 percent would prefer being trapped in a car with their in-laws for six hours. Wow, right?

If you want to stop being a statistic, keep reading.

“If there are things, objects, clothes, books, furniture, etc., that don’t serve a real purpose in the present or very near future, and are things that are kept out of guilt, that is clutter,” Jill Pollack, organizational expert and host of the HGTV Canada show, Consumed, told the Toronto Sun. “If you can’t say that you really want it or need it within three seconds, it is probably clutter.”

In Consumed, Pollack helps Canadians get rid of their clutter. First, she assesses a family’s biggest clutter issue. Next, the family needs to de-clutter their belongings themselves, and Pollack then helps them come to terms with their emotional clutter. I wonder if she does house calls offscreen…

Below, you’ll find four easy ways to spring clean your life, starting now (because it’s not summer yet).

1. Old Papers

paper shredder photo
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We’ve talked about ways to organize your home before, from paperwork to your email inbox, but I love this advice from Bonnie Joy Dewkett, founder of The Joyful Organizer.

After all, many of us probably have useless piles of paper laying around… right? “Everything in your home should be beautiful or useful,” Dewkett told the Huffington Post.

“While some things never will [be both], like a first aid kit for example, it’s all about finding balance… Things should work for you, not make you work for them.”

2. Unworn Clothing

messy closet photo
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A friend of mine hosts monthly “Clothing Swaps,” where a handful of us get together to trade clothes we no longer want.

But just just just in case, we can always track down the new wearer… which has never happened, btw. Usually, “out of sight, out of mind.”

To purge her closet, another friend recently told me that if she sees something she has not worn in a year, she gives it away. A guy friend said he does the same—but within a six-month timeframe.

As my mom likes to say, “When in doubt, throw it out.” And, of course, there’s the hanger trick, where you have all the hangers facing one way, and then turn them the other way after wearing “x” item.

Then, after “x” number of months, you see what clothes have not been worn. If not, time to say goodbye. And before donating clothes, if you could use some spare dollars, you can try to sell them via apps like OfferUp or letgo.

3. Expired Medications

medications photo
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I spend a few days a week visiting my grandma’s nursing home, so I regularly see people with ailing health firsthand. So, if I asked you if you’ve been good at keeping up with doctors’ appointments, eating healthier, and exercising more, what would you say?

Have you been keeping up your 2016 health-related resolutions? There’s no better time than spring to check back in with yourself and get back on track.

In addition, it’s a great time to go through your medicine cabinets and get rid of old medications, pills, and makeup, according to Prevention.

4. Toxic People

friends photo
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We hear about people cleaning their friend lists on Facebook (perhaps you are one of them), but how about your real-life friends, too? Are there people who you give to more than you get?

Mindbodygreen shed some light on the topic for us. “Just like cleaning out your closet, the first step to spring cleaning your relationships is to assess what you want to keep, store or throw away,” said Dr. Kelly Neff.

“…Maybe now is a good time to put that friend into storage and focus your attention on friends who put a spring in your step, or hold the space open for new friends and new experiences.” Makes sense to us.

In regard to romantic relationships, Dr. Neff mentioned determining if there are issues you’ve been ignoring. Plus, in general, assess if there’s good communication in your relationships, as well as healthy boundaries.

And, look at your friendships—are they “party acquaintances,” what she referred to as “the miniskirts and heels of the friend world,” or are they deeper and more meaningful?