10 Clear Signs You Were Raised The Right Way

When it comes to proper manners and polite behaviors, most of us think of saying “please” and “thank you,” cleaning up after ourselves, and holding doors for others.

However, most of us know that you can take on basic manners, and still not be the most well-behaved or generous person. Proper etiquette is more than just following what’s on paper, and sometimes that can be hard to pinpoint.

With this thought in mind, one Reddit user posed the question: “What’s a clear sign that someone was raised well?” Over 10,000 users responded, chiming in on what they saw as a tell-tale sign of good manners. Here are some of our favorites:

1. Admitting Fault And Apologizing

“When someone is obviously in the wrong, and they know it, they apologize and work towards not making a mistake like that again.”

2. Recognizing Everyone’s Worth

“I remember hearing a story of a college professor who had a final exam with one question on it: ‘What is the name of the cleaning person who has emptied the waste basket every day this semester?’ Some kids actually knew his name, others pitched a fit about it being an unfair question, others just quietly handed in a blank answer sheet. After a few minutes the professor told them it was just a lesson about never discounting people just because you think they are beneath you.”

3. Seeing Other People’s Point Of View

“They try to understand the other side of the argument. When they don’t just say ‘Well he does that because he’s a moron,’ but instead say ‘Well, if he thinks that and that, I can see why he would do that, even if I wouldn’t.'”

4. They’re Hospitable

“They know how to make guests feel welcome, comfortable and relaxed when invited to their home.”

5. They’re Smart About Money

“When they aren’t wealthy, being frugal and careful with their finances. When they are wealthy, not flaunting their money like it makes them better than others.”

6. They Write Thank You Notes

“When I was growing up, my mother instilled in me the idea that people would think ill of me if I didn’t send a note after receiving a gift or something, and it was a wonderful con, because NOBODY thinks ill of someone for NOT writing a note, but EVERYONE is impressed if you actually DO write a note.”

7. They Can Handle Freedom

“When people don’t go hogwild the second they get a taste of freedom. A good parent will gradually introduce freedoms to a child so if they go off to college or move out or whatever, they don’t go absolutely crazy because it is their first chance to.”

8. They Don’t Arrive Empty-Handed

“If they are invited over to a dinner/party/gathering/etc. they don’t arrive empty handed. Even if it is a small gift like flowers or a cheap bottle of wine, the fact that they put in the effort to actually bring something says a lot.”

9. They Engage

“When they listen, act interested in others, and ask meaningful questions in a conversation.”

10. They Act Kindly Without Needing Rewards

“They do good things when no one is looking or when they know they won’t get any recognition.”