Favorite ’90s Beverage Clearly Canadian Returns To Store Shelves

Now the question is: Which flavor will you drink first?

Nostalgia for the ’90s is at an all-time high lately.

From chokers to wallet chains to embellished demin, everyone is dressing like a character from “Clarissa Explains It All.”

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And now, here’s even more good news: You can now DRINK like it’s 1995 still too. That’s right, the popular flavored seltzer drink Clearly Canadian is coming back to a supermarket near you.

Clearly Canadian was founded in 1987. The drink became well-known for it’s uniquely shaped bottles and sweet, bubbly flavors. Sales in 1993 were $155 million, which just goes to show how hugely popular Clearly Canadian was back then.

But then, the market became over-saturated with other options and Clearly Canadian underwent major changes in ownership and management. Soon, our beloved sparkling water was forgotten, along with other offshoots like Orbitz (remember that weird water that had stuff floating in it?).

Orbitz Beverages!

What in the world were we all thinking back then?!