These clever bookmarks make it look like tiny characters are dangling out of your book

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The image of the Wicked Witch of the East’s feet sticking out from under the house that fell on her in “Wizard of Oz” is an iconic one. Ukrainian artist Olena Mysnyk took this concept and ran with it. She created a fun line of bookmarks that feature three-dimensional sets of legs belonging to your favorite literary characters, so what when you mark your page, it looks like their feet are hanging out of the bottom of the book.

In addition to the Wicked Witch of the East, feet clad in her ruby slippers, her collection includes C-3PO’s shiny legs from “Star Wars” as well as the paws of a direwolf from the “Song of Ice and Fire” series.


Every item in the MyBOOKmark collection is handmade. They are sold through Mysnyk’s site, through Etsy and on Amazon, and are priced around $25. Mysnyk launched her business back in 2011, and in 2016, she sold 12,000 bookmarks, totaling $150,000 in sales.

Mysnyk says she’s always had a creative streak, so her friends and family were not surprised when she launched her quirky endeavor.

“I always built houses on trees and created jewelry out of wire found in my dad’s garage,” she told the Kyiv Post.

Today, the company sells more than 150 variations of bookmarks and has a staff of 14. In addition to literary, movie and TV characters, her designs also feature animals as well as mythical creatures like unicorns, mermaids and dragons, and she has themed collections, such as bookmarks featuring Santa Claus, a gingerbread man and a snowman for Christmas.

Mysnyk hopes to one day expand her company to also sell magnets, brooches and more. Mysnyk says that a recent study conducted by her company concluded that most of her customers aren’t big readers and are instead buying her products as gifts. Even if you do your reading on a Kindle or other electronic device, we have to admit these make a pretty adorable decoration!