These Clever Measuring Spoons Make Cooking And Baking SO Much Easier

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If you’re a fan of cooking or baking, you know how important it is to have the best tools. Measuring spoons are one of the staples in a kitchen, as there’s always a need for a precise tablespoon of this or a teaspoon of that. However, it can be frustrating using the small, standard spoons to dip deep into items such as flour or sugar.

It’s not fun getting your hands covered in the stuff, and it always seems to be messier than you would like. But there’s good news: Now you can buy long measuring spoons specifically designed for reaching into tall canisters or bags. With their extra-long, 9-inch handles, you’ll never have to worry about getting your arms and hands covered in flour again. Plus, they’re easy to store in a drawer or canister, and with their long handles, they won’t get lost—unlike their smaller counterparts.


These cute—and more importantly, genius—measuring spoons are available on Amazon for only $20.95. They come in every measurement you need. Plus, they can be used for multiple purposes including stirring, sautéing, soup tasting, crafting and more. Stock up on these measuring spoons before you start all of your holiday cooking and baking. They’ll make the process so much easier!