16 Clever Products That You Never Knew You Needed

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Sometimes in life, you come across something that you were fine without before, but now that you’ve found it, it’s instantly on your wish list.

Each of these products is out of the box, and that’s exactly what we love about them. Happy shopping!

1. A Bag Re-Sealer

Don’t let those Cheetos go bad. Just slide this across and you have an instant seal.

2. Taco Plate

For when you make the perfect taco and want to keep it upright when you put it down.


3. Crushed Ice Cube Tray

Forget cubed ice! This tray makes smaller, crushed pieces of ice that won’t take as much space up in your cup.


4. A Hook That Makes Carrying A Bunch Of Bags Much Easier

This hook lets you easily carry a lot of groceries without things dropping.  Genius.

5. A Spice Rack That Automatically Measures Amounts

Because it’s no fun when you add a tablespoon of chili powder when the recipe called for a teaspoon.  Get it here.

6. Battery Operated Bubble Wrap KeyChain

If you love popping bubble wrap but don’t want to carry it around with you, this compact keychain is the perfect solution.



7. Flask Sandals

These sandals are the perfect way to smuggle some delicious drinks in the summertime.



8. Car French Fly Holder

This french fry holder fits into the cup console of your car, and of course, your fries will be safe and secure.

9. Dog Paw Washer

This paw washer is perfect for when you need to quickly wash your dog’s paws after a messy day outside.


10. Luxury Cat Hammock

Spoil your cat with this hammock that can easily be hung under the couch or their favorite chair. Learn about the human version of this hammock that’s in the works here.



11. Clip Dips

Use as many of these clips as you want, because they’ll take up absolutely no space on your plate. Magic.


12. A Cooler That Does It All

This is the grand daddy of coolers. It has wireless speakers, lights, a phone charger, a bottle opener, tons of storage, and a rechargeable blender.   You can find on Kickstarter.

13. Pick Your Nose Cups

Make drinking even more fun with these nose cups. Each pack contains 24 cups with different noses on them, for a variety.


14. Mug With A Hoop

Take playing with your food to another level with this basketball hoop.

Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 9.53.15 AM

15. Foodie Dice

Not sure what you want to make for dinner tonight? Make it a game! Give these dice a roll and you’re already on your way to your next meal.

Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 10.02.32 AM

16. Word Search Wrapping Paper

Gone are the days of buying a different set of wrapping paper for every occasion. With words like “Christmas”, “Love”, “Birthday” and more, this will work for every holiday.